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Agriflo Series 3

Irrigation Flow Meter

Recognizing the ever-increasing need for better flow metering in the irrigation industry, MACE designed and tailor-made a meter purely for agricultural use.The MACE AgriFlo is the only flow meter of its kind on the market anywhere in the world.

The instrument is easy to install, easy to use and virtually maintenance free. Unlike conventional flow meters, AgriFlo has no moving parts and provides minimal obstruction to the flow. This means that the meter stays in service longer without time-consuming repairs.

The all-new AgriFlo Series 3 has been designed for functional field use by both irrigators and irrigation supply companies. A dual password system allows irrigator access to flow data, without compromising the integrity of the meter.

The AgriFlo case can be padlocked for added security. Unlike conventional flow meters, AgriFlo gives better than 2% accuracy, even at stream velocities of up to 8 metres per second!! Imagine a propeller meter lasting more than a few minutes at that speed!!


  • AgriFlo supports up to five MACE velocity sensors
  • Single full-pipe sensor can be used in pipes from 100mm (4") to 2.5 metres (100") in diameter
  • Optional combined depth/velocity sensor can be used in open channel or non-full pipe applications
  • Weatherproof, polycarbonate case that can be padlocked for added security
  • Real time display of flow rate and total flow in user selectable units
  • Vandal resistant design
  • Only 8 total diameters of straight run
  • AgriFlo can "look" upstream or downstream
  • Dual password interrogation for data access by irrigators and authorities
  • Calibration function for use where less than ideal straight pipe lengths are available
  • Built-in data logger
  • No moving parts
  • Minimal pipe and flow obstruction
  • Easy to install, easy to use and virtually maintenance free
  • No measurable head loss
  • Accuracy better than 2 %
  • Choice of either solar panel or mains powered charger
  • Excellent data storage capacity




Key Benefits:

  • Measure up to five flows with a single AgriFlo
  • Doppler Ultrasonic - No moving parts - No blockages
  • Accuracy better than 2%


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