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VRI logoVariable Rate Irrigation

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) from Valley offers the ultimate in precision irrigation. With a combination of hardware and software, Valley VRI allows the grower to adjust the desired amount of water in a particular sector (VRI Speed Control) or management zone (VRI Zone Control). Ideal for fields with multiple soil types and varying topography, irrigation application with VRI can be programmed to match specific field conditions.

VRI Speed Control
  • Based on an uploaded VRI Prescription, speeds up/slows down the pivot to achieve the desired application depth along a sector
  • Any Pro2 or Select2 control panel, with software upgrade, required
  • Uses existing sprinkler package

VRI Speed Control - One slice is one sector









VRI Zone Control

  • Based on an uploaded VRI Prescription, pulses control valves on/off along any pivot zone to achieve the desired application depth within a management zone
  • Can be used for on/off control for specific areas in a field, where you may not want to water, with ditches, canals, wet areas, or other spots in the field
  • Pro2 control panel and Pro2 VRI software required
  • Required hardware includes addition of VRI Zone Control box, VRI control panel hardware and control valves for each sprinkler that will be managed by VRI Zone Control

VRI Zone Control -One block is one management zone

VRI Prescription Software

  • Allows the creation of a Variable Rate Irrigation plan based on topography information, soil data maps, yield data, and other user-defined field information
  • Uploaded to the control panel to fully utilize VRI Speed Control and VRI Zone Control
  • For use on a consultant's or farmer's computer

VRI Prescription Software