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Valley Sprinkler Upgrades


Graphs based on 850 gpm, 80% pump efficiency, $4.00/gallon diesel fuel or $0.08/kW-hr electricity. Savings will also vary on how well the pump and engine fit the lower operating pressure.
*All dollar amounts in $USD.

Low pressure sprinklers conserve energy.

  • Rely on NEW low-pressure sprinkler technology to reduce your energy bill
  • Effectively operate sprinklers at 10-20 psi (.68 - 1.37 bar)

New sprinkler technology provides efficiency and uniformity.

  • Droplet size designed for minimum wind drift
  • Ultimate water savings achieved when used in combination with drops
  • Even distribution of water across the field ensures maximum yields
  • Replace or add pressure regulators to achieve proper flows from each nozzle
  • Worn out regulators and pressure nozzles decrease efficiency and uniformity

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