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Valley Options 

Valley options for sprinkler placement

Placement of sprinklers is also accomplished by different application positions. These include drops (flexible hose, semi-rigid and fixed), boom back and alternatives.

Sprinkler heads placed on drops provide significant improvement over top of the pipe sprinklers when you are concerned about minimizing water drift and evaporation. Lowering the position of the sprinkler reduces spray and drift caused by wind, and evaporation due to low humidity and high temperatures. They are available in many styles to fit your needs. 

Flexible Hose
  • Can be drug through crop
  • Available in 3/4 inch hose

 Rigid Galvanized

  •  Utilizes 3/4 inch, schedule 40 galvanized steel
  • Available for truss rod height application

Semi-Rigid Polyethylene

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimal flexibility
Semi-Rigid PVC
  • Non-corrosive
  • Multiple lengths down to ground clearance of 5.5 ft.
  • Utilizes 3/4 inch, schedule 80 sunlight resistant material
U-pipes, drop weights, fittings
  • Additional options to complete any drop sprinkler application

Remote Drains

  • Minimize wheel tracks in field
  • Move drain water away from wheel tracks
  • Run drain water through sprinkler drop hose
End Gun
  • Valley offers a full range of end gun selections to maximize your irrigated acres
  • Booster pumps can also be paired with the end gun when more pressure is needed

Solutions for Reducing Application Intensity
Goosenecks and Truss Rod Hose Slings

  • Using the span structure to increase the wetted area while using the same amount of water, lowers application intensity
  • Non-corrosive UV-resistant thermoplastic construction for longer life costs
Control Valve
  • The 800P End Gun Control Valve works without an electric solenoid when used with a booster pump Boom Backs
  • Discharge water behind drive unit rather than over the  wheel
  • Utilized with directional spray units to help keep wheel track dry
Valley All-Range Pressure Regulator
  • Use one model for the entire sprinkler package
  • Six models available, 6-30 psi
  • Precise water application in hilly terrain

Valley Low-Energy Nozzle (LEN)

  • Wide variety of available pads
  • Unique shape for movement through the crop
  • 6-40 psi (0,4-2,8 bars)
  • 24-36 feet (7,3-11 m) wetted diameter
  • Chemigation and Part Circle pads
  • Large diameter of coverage, low application intensity
  • Low pressure operation
  • Single, double or triple deflector pads divide the nozzle flow into larger number of streams