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Valley Lateral Move

Valley Rainger

Ideal for large field coverage. The Rainger line provides water source versatility with Ditch (canal) and Hose (pressured pipeline) delivery and also has customisable cart options. The Rainger offers high flow capabilities which are not available with other mechanised irrigation equipment.

The Rainger line provides you the ability to customize the equipment to fit your requirements. You begin with the Rainger basic cart, equipped with a five-inch tube frame with outstanding durability to hold up even in the toughest conditions.
The same frame is used no matter your water source – you select what you need and choose from multiple auxiliary platforms. The Rainger adapts to your water source via Ditch (canal) or Hose (pressured pipeline) Delivery and has various options for its guidance system.


Basic Valley Rainger Cart


Rainger basic cart features:

  • Five inch tube frame
  • Same frame used for ditch feed and hose drag linears
  • Option to add the features you need
  • Auxiliary platform