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Valley Pro2 Control Panel -
Irrigation Technology at its best

The Valley Pro2 is now GPS Ready and utilizes advanced technology. It gives you a simple set of tools for the highest level of control and monitoring both in the field and remotely.

Features include fully programmable functions based on date, time and position. Additional inputs allow you to conserve and manage available water and get precise water application, fertilization and chemigation. The flowmeter option helps you track your overall water usage.

A full backlit screen display on the panel, and advanced sensory and auxiliary functions make it easy to use when it suits your schedule – day or night.

Advanced field diagnostics reduce your downtime and service calls and provides specific pivot status when you want it. The 5-year industry exclusive warranty eliminates worries and protects your investment.

The Pro2 Panel can utilize the most advanced functions of TrackerSP and the BaseStation2, giving you round the clock updates and control options from your Smartphone, Internet or home office computer.

Valley Pro2 Control Panel