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Pipeline Choices

Changing water conditions require specific pipeline choices

In certain areas, water that was once known to be clean and non-corrosive is increasingly becoming more corrosive. Some producers are using less desirable sources – waste water, process water and corrosive water. Other producers are adding crop protection chemicals or soil amendment products. Under these conditions, corrosion of standard galvanized steel can occur at varying rates. Our application experts work with Valley Dealers to identify the best solution for your needs. Choosing the correct Valley product will provide the best long-term value.


Introduced by Valmont in 1992 to help resist the effects of acidic, alkaline, corrosive, and saline water. Utilizes a 3/4” outlet fitting, the strongest in the industry. No stainless steel used to connect spans, which can be corroded by chlorides and sulfates in the water. Available with Valley pivots, towables and linears with eight span lengths to choose from.



Galvanized Weathering Steel

Extends pipeline life in soft water conditions only. Requires water analysis to determine suitability. Available with Valley pivots and corner machines.


Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel extends pipeline life for a limited range of corrosive conditions. Available with Valley pivots and towables with eight span lengths to choose from.


Cathodic Anode

Sacrificial Magnesium Anode in Galvanized Pipeline – Extends pipeline life in salty water conditions. Available with all Valley equipment: pivots, towable, linears and corners.




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