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Oil Hydraulic Conversion

Converting oil hydraulics to electric drives made easy with Valley
Experience the benefits of electric drive technology with a conversion solution from your local Valley dealer. Specially engineered drive train, alignment, pivot controls and low pressure sprinkler packages convert your oil hydraulic machine to a reliable electric drive with durable Valley components – offering convenience and versatility while reducing labor and energy costs.

A Valley electric drive conversion can save up to 75% in energy costs (depending on model types, soil conditions, terrain and speed) to power the machine around the field and significantly reduce your pumping costs if currently operating “high pressure” sprinklers. Plus, with the additional protection of the Valley extensive limited warranty and dealer service and support, the decision to convert has never been so easy.

Electric Drive Pivots Cost Less to Operate than Oil Hydraulic Drives
Electric drive center pivots can use up to *75% less energy (depending on speed) to move the machine around the field. The oil hydraulic pumping unit must provide a constant 1750-1800 psi (121 -124 bar) operating pressure at all times, no matter what speed. Electric drive machines provide power only when needed, thus reducing the overall energy costs.

The Difference is Clear
There are many reasons why over 95% of the world’s center pivots are electric drive machines. Electricity is an everyday form of power. Experience the benefits of electric drive technology with a conversion solution from your local Valley dealer:

  • Electric drive center pivots can use up to 75% less energy to  move the machine around the field.
  • Savings to run electric vs. hydraulic drive center pivots can range from $6,000 - $25,000** when compounded at 6% over 15  years (depending on speed, length, hours, and other operating conditions).
  • Many oil hydraulic drive machines require high pivot water pressures of 50 psi (3.45 bar) or more just to operate the end gun efficiently without a booster pump.
  • Savings from lowering your sprinkler operating pressure by 20-40 psi (1.38-2.76 bar) can range from $600 to $3500** per year (depending on energy type and cost, water flow rate, and other operating conditions).
  • Efficient electric drive conversions from Valley are specifically engineered for your oil hydraulic machine, providing you with a solution that looks good and performs under tough conditions.




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