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Valley floatation solutions

According to the tire manufactures, floatation is the ability of a tire to resist sinking into the soil and creating a rut. The best measure of floatation is ground pressure, which is defined as the tire’s inflated pressure plus 2 PSI. The lower the tire pressure, the greater the ground contact area and therefore the lower the ground pressure. For a given load, the larger the tire size, the lower the required pressure to carry that load. Wider tires also provide a wider track, which can reduce the amount of soil pushed out of the wheel track decreasing rut depths.

Valley offers 5 different drive options plus several tire sizes. 

Valley Standard 2-Wheel

  • Wide wheel base for stability on rolling and windy conditions
  • Set of four braces on each side to provide stability when crossing deep ridges
  • Valley flex-joint assembly minimizes pipe stress on rolling terrain
  • Several tire sizes available to match your field conditions

Valley 3-Wheel Drive

  • 50% more traction than standard drive unit
  • Available with all current tire sizes to provide increased floatation
  • Heavy duty center wheel gearbox for long life
  • Base beam only and conversion options available

Valley Articulating 4-Wheel Drive

  • All four wheels are driven with Valley Gearboxes
  • Wheels articulate to conform to field terrain
  • Twice the traction and floatation of a standard drive unit
  • Minimizes wheel rut depth
  • All tire sizes available
  • Conversion options available

Valley Track Drive

  • Provides a solution where other options have not worked
  • Higher flotation and traction than regular wheel drives
  • Minimizes rut depth
  • Can be added to any span
  • Heavy-duty base beam
  • Base beam only and conversion options available
  • Retread tires with steel tracks for long life

Valley Articulating Track

  • Tracks articulate to conform to field terrain
  • Maximum traction and floatation available
  • Minimizes rut depth
  • Steel tracks for long life
  • Minimizes rut depth
  • Conversion options available

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