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When you buy a fertilizer injection system from Agri-Inject, you're getting a whole lot more than just a pump on a piece of plywood. As the world leader in fluid application technology and equipment, we've gone to extremes to make sure that every pump we produce is complete in every detail. Our fertilizer injection systems (see selection guide) are designed and engineered to provide reliable performance and maximum results in any operation.

We provide you with the complete package. Everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily... backed by the experience and expertise to help you enjoy the cost-saving, yield-enhancing benefits all Agri-Inject systems offer.

The heart of our fertilizer injection system is the Milton Roy pump. Milton Roy pumps deliver the accuracy that makes fertigation so effective. Teflon diaphragms separate the internal workings from corrosive concentrates and flex gently to provide pinpoint accuracy. Oil bath lubrication for the moving parts minimizes friction for long pump life with low maintenance. Agri-Inject is a world-wide distributor and authorized service center for Milton Roy agricultural pumps.

Our fertilizer injection pumps are adjustable on the go with an easy to read dial making adjustments simple, even when the pump is running. The On/Off features of our systems include a variety of hook-up options with short circuit sensing, surge protection, and manual resettable breakers available. Our systems include a rugged "stealth base" which provides for a stable pump installation and keeps the unit out of the dirt for clean, trouble-free operation.

Agri-Inject systems are engineered for easy maintenance. Accessible fittings, right-angle check valves, handy oil plugs and easy-to-change filter assemblies are all specifically designed for easy access. The end result is a labor saving system that will last.

We use stainless steel and other advanced alloys and polymers that stand up to corrosive chemicals and the elements of nature for our pump systems.

Our total injection packages include most hoses, valves and fittings you will need to get up and running quickly and easily. Our exclusive injection valve with four-way release delivers accurate amounts of concentrate right into the middle of the water supply pipeline.



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