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Reliable Drive Train

Reliable Drive Trains for every application

The Valley Gearbox is designed and built to work under today’s most demanding growing conditions. There’s a stronger, heavier bull gear...pre-loaded worm gear...and new shaft seals that keep oil in and problems out. A heavy-duty bronze bull gear is an available option for severe applications. Exclusive Valley Gearbox input and output seals help ensure long life for gearbox components. A Valley exclusive, these seals are standard on all new Valley equipment, or retrofit any existing Valley Gearbox. The VS-7000 drive train is now available as a lower priced option on the 7000 series pivots.

The Valley Center Drive is built stronger, lasts longer and uses less energy than other irrigation drive motors. The standard-speed motor has the lowest power requirements in the industry. The high-speed motor has a nine-hour rotation. Valley Center Drives are designed for easy maintenance in the field.

The VS-7000 drive train is now available as a lower priced option on the 7000 series pivots. VS stands for Valley Specified performance. The VS-7000 will provide a substantial savings per drive unit. It is important to note that the VS-7000 and Valley drive trains cannot be mixed on a given pivot. The first span selection determines which drive train choice must be used for the entire machine.

According to the tire manufactures, floatation is the ability of a tire to resist sinking into the soil and creating a rut. The best measure of floatation is ground pressure, which is defined as the tire’s inflated pressure plus 2 PSI. The lower the tire pressure, the greater the ground contact area and therefore the lower the ground pressure. For a given load, the larger the tire size, the lower the required pressure to carry that load. Wider tires also provide a wider track, which can reduce the amount of soil pushed out of the wheel track decreasing rut depths.











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